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Defend Our Police

Americans overwhelmingly oppose “defunding the police” with 73% of those polled wanting funding maintained (42%) or increased (31%), with 55% of Black Americans wishing to see funding maintained or increased.  And this support is for good reason. Police reduce crime and their absence gives criminals space to wreak havoc. In 2020 homicides jumped 21% and aggravated assaults rose 8.3% as elected officials ordered police to “stand down.” In New York City, arrests plummeted 55% over the summer while murder increased 45%. Similarly, de-policing in Chicago (2016) and Baltimore (2015) saw arrests fall by a quarter while homicide spiked by 59% (Chicago) and 55% (Baltimore) in the following months.  More and better policing also pays dividends. One study calculated that for every $1 a city spent on police, municipal revenues and economic growth rose by $1.63. Safer communities attract investment, grow jobs, and encourage taxpayers to move in and stay.  The brave men and women of law enforcement — 59 of whom were killed feloniously on duty in 2020 — selflessly protect and serve. We should support, empower, and professionalize — through greater training and accountability — American law enforcement officers, not slander them. 

Special Series: Trauma and 9/11
a Program on Officer Trauma and Post-Traumatic stress

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