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The UNITED POLICE FUND  is a national advocate for America’s Law Enforcement.  UNITED POLICE FUND was formed in 2018 as a political nonprofit organization designated under  of IRS tax code section 527. The UNITED POLICE FUND actively organizes support for law enforcement by engaging citizens in supporting and advocating for the political  and policies along with political leaders that support enhanced public resources and funding at the local, state and federal levels of government for increased police officer training, retention and mental health advocacy.  America’s law enforcement officers are some of the best trained officers in the world, however with the limited resources of local communities outside professional training is severely limited.  the environment that police operate in is increasingly demanding, challenging and under intense scrutiny.  Police deserve proper training and equipment.  There is also an increased need to inform the public about the issues facing law enforcement.  Police Officers and Deputy Sheriffs need to be effectively trained and reintroduced to the modern techniques and tactics of officer survival and safety.  Defend our Police don’t Defund our Police


It is the GOAL of the United Police Fund to be a political advocacy organization dedicated to promoting the welfare and safety of America’s Law Enforcement Officers. United Police Fund is an advocate for Law Enforcement Officers by raising awareness and advocating that political leaders adopt policies that increase law enforcement access to technology and specialized training in street survival and are equipped to effectively address issues of mental health and professional, on the job protections and to ensure the access and ability to get specialized training in street survival, and dealing with issues of mental health and on the job protections  Defend our Police don’t Defund our Police!


The MISSION of the United Police Fund as a grass roots political organization is to ensure that our Nation’s Law Enforcement Officers have an advocate to ensure that they receive adequate funding for proper training and equipment. Educational programs we support are designed to provide quality education and training in an ever-changing environment and to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to protect and serve the general public.  United Police Fund will be a voice for Law Enforcement Officers on the national stage.  It is important that our peace keepers are given the Best in equipment and training that can be obtained.  Follow our Blog and Press Releases on this Website to learn more about our activities and advocacy. Defend our Police don’t Defund our Police!

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