UPF made over 600,000 Voter Outreach Contacts in St. Louis in April 2021

Burned Police car-Fire Booming- United Police Fund

Welcome, Citizens of St. Louis! 

Crime, violence, and lawlessness are out of control in St. Louis, and this poses a danger to the entire Greater St. Louis region.

Every day, our brave police officers put their lives on the line to protect us, our families, and our communities.

Yet, just when we need our police the most, extremists are promoting an aggressive anti-police movement.  

This anti-police movement is pressuring elected officials to  “defund the police” – and too many politicians are caving into the pressure.

As Election Day approaches, it is time to stand up in support of our law enforcement officers.  

We’ve had enough!  That’s why we at the United Police Fund are working to build a citizen’s movement to block the anti-police extremists.

Instead of "Defund the Police," We at The United Police Fund Say: "Defend the Police!"