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It's Time to Support our Police

Don't Defund - We say Support & Defend Police!​​

On average, a law enforcement officer dies in the line of duty every 53 hours…

Everyday, millions of law enforcement officers across the nation wake up, hug their families, and go to work knowing that today may be the day that they don’t return home. As dangerous as the job is, they have committed their lives to protecting others, regardless of the risks. 

Police work is highly stressful and given the dangers involved, this type of stress can take it’s toll. The brave men and women in law enforcement often suffer injury, both physical and psychological, and many police officers suffer from PTSD due to the extreme challenges they face in fighting crime.

We are seeing an increase in crime, lawlessness, and violence in many cities across the country. In these divisive times, extremists are attacking police and pressuring politicians with demands to “defund the police.” Unfortunately, too many politicians are caving in to this pressure.

Instead of “defund the police,” we at the United Police Fund say: “DEFEND THE POLICE!”

Let’s join together and loudly proclaim that we want police to have the training, support, and resources they need to assure public safety and combat crime.

Join the movement to support our police. Sign the “Support Our Police” petition.

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