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The UNITED POLICE FUND is a non profit advocate on the National level for America’s Law Enforcement. The UNITED POLICE FUND is formed under section 527 of the IRS Tax Code.

The UNITED POLICE FUND is an advocate on behalf of law enforcement to ensure they receive adequate funding for proper training and equipment and to inform the public as to the issues facing law enforcement.

America’s law enforcement officers are some of the best trained officers in the world, however, with the limited resources of local communities outside professional training is severely limited. Please Support our Mission

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In America on average a law enforcement officer dies in the line of duty approximately every 54 hours.

They go to work with the knowledge they may not return home. They have committed their lives to protecting others, regardless of the risks.

The best defense they have is good training. Training truly is the key.

Instead of "Defund the Police," We at The United Police Fund Say: "Defend the Police!"