Pro-Police Movement Prepares for 2022

Pro-Police Movement Prepares for 2022 - United Police Fund

In 2021, the United Police Fund sent out almost 2.5 million “Voter Awareness Alerts,” contacting voters in Virginia, Seattle, and Missouri by phone, text, and email on issues in support of law enforcement and crime prevention, and in opposition to the movement to “Defund the Police.”  

On November 2, pro-police candidates were victorious in Virginia.  In Minneapolis, voters defeated an effort to abolish the police force.  And even in liberal Seattle, candidates who urged “defunding the police” and who called themselves “abolitionists” were soundly rejected by the voters.

In 2022, we will be doing even more to get out the “Support Our Police” message throughout the USA.  If this cause interests you, we could use your support in 2022.  We’re not out to scare people, or to say that the end of the world is near.  But we invite your participation in this grassroots movement to make a difference in support of law enforcement and crime prevention.

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