Dozens more police officers flee the Seattle Police Department.

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SEATTLE, WA – Since the death of George Floyd in  police custody in May of this year, the Seattle Police Department has  been attacked from Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the City Council and the  Mayor. 

As a result of pressure from outside groups, the City Council vowed to significantly reduce funding to the agency. 

This, among other things, have caused an increase in the number of  officers that are fleeing the agency.  In the last thirty days or so,  the agency has lost 33 police officers.

The number of officers leaving from November through the beginning of December was reported by the Jason Rantz show on KTTH. 

The number of officers leaving each  month are starting to cause concern with members of the Command Staff  within the agency.  They are concerned that the agency will get into a  position in which they have little resources to utilize in order to keep  the city of Seattle safe. 


People point to the significant low morale of the department in the  agency is partly to blame for the police officers leaving the agency. 

One of the things that has affected the agency’s morale is that they  seem to be constantly under attack from all fronts.  On top of morale  being an issue, the feeling that their city does not support them no  doubt is helping to cause the officers to leave the agency.

According to the Rantz show, it is expected that the number of  officers who have left the agency since May until the end of the year  may well reach 200 in total. 

With an agency that is already behind on what they should have for  their ranks, dropping the manning another 200 will force the agency to  reduce specialty units in order to staff patrol.

That means less SWAT members, less detectives, less dispatchers to  answer 911 calls coming in from residents.  It means a significant  increase in response times for all calls for service, not just the not  in progress reports of crime. 

That also means that officers that had worked their careers to become  a detective will become disenfranchised which may cause them to retire  early.


The issue began when members of the Seattle City Council took the  sides of Antifa as well as Black Lives Matter early on after Floyd’s  death.  There was no reasoning, there was no negotiation, there was not  simply trying to sit down and talk. 

Instead, the Seattle Council vowed to defund the agency by millions  of dollars and then attempted to bar them from protecting themselves  with chemical agents against those who riot. 

Add in that officers were also under physical attack members of  Antifa and Black Lives Matter during the almost nightly riots, there was  little left to motivate an officer to stay.

City Council, in their efforts to defund the agency at the whim of  Antifa and Black Lives Matter, apparently did not consider the rising  violence that was occurring in the city, including homicides.  If they  had, they might not have defunded the agency by 18%.


Seattle Police Officer’s Guild President, Mike Solan, warns that the  growing deficit of officers and the increase of slicing funds from the  agency will lead to further increases in violent crime.  Solan told  Rantz:

“The council, who rule to that nonsensical activist base, are  not changing their rhetoric and sadly, as a result, excellent officers  are still fleeing SPD for other agencies due to this hostile climate.  

“Sadly, it’s Seattle’s reasonable citizen that will bear this  weight as crime will tip over a dangerous cliff.  Seattle is a shell of  what it once was.  Thanks city council for ruining Seattle but more  importantly crushing a great police department.  This is on you.  What a  shame.”

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