Dallas Police Officer to run for US Congress.

Police officer -over 20 years-United Police Fund

I  can’t sit back and watch this attack on America any longer. My name is Tre Pennie, and I am a Dallas Police Officer. I  came close a defeating the radical progressive in November, and I am  proud to say that my campaign to run for Congress in 2022 starts RIGHT  NOW.

I  joined the police force and have been proudly wearing a badge for the  City of Dallas, Texas for 21 years. In 2016, I sued Black Lives Matter for injuring police officers.

You  would be right to assume I’ve had many experiences that would be scary  to most people, but the one thing that scares me the most, is seeing  American turn into  a socialist utopia controlled by people like AOC and Kamala Harris who  claim to be fighting for minorities but want to perpetuate a welfare  state instead of getting out of the way and allowing Black Americans  like me, to enjoy the American Dream.

If  you’re tired of the progressive attempts to hijack our nation with  their delusional ideas, then please join me in the fight to preserve the  American Dream for generations  to come.

Donate  $25, $50, $100, or even $500 TODAY!

The foxes have entered the hen house and we can’t sit by idly hoping things just change in two years. It doesn’t work that way.

We must fight every day to keep our nation free, and I need you on my team today in order to make that possible.

It’s time to ensure the American Dream, not radical social dependency, will prevail. With  your help, we can make it a reality!
For our future,

Tre Pennie
American for Congress

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