2022: A Crucial Year for the Pro-Police Movement

We are just a couple of weeks into 2022, which will be a crucial year for the grassroots movement in support of law enforcement and crime prevention.

Many lessons were learned in 2021. 

  • When elected officials cut police budgets, there are fewer cops on the street and crime increases
  • When politicians tie the hands of police and when crimes are not prosecuted, criminals take advantage
  • When local governments and the media echo anti-police propaganda, police morale suffers
  • When police morale suffers, it is harder to retain veteran officers and it is harder to recruit new officers
  • All of the above combine in a vicious cycle, leading to a breakdown of law and order and and increase in crime and violence 

But perhaps most important, we’ve learned that when politicians go to far, when their policies endanger our communities and our families…. Well, that’s when there is a backlash. That’s when people say “enough is enough!” That’s why 2022 has the potential to be an important turning point on issues of law enforcement and crime prevention.

In times such as these, the mission of the United Police Fund is more important than ever.

While the extremists, the media, and out-of-touch politicians call for defunding the police and echo the rhetoric of the anti-police movement, let’s step up our efforts to get out the “Support Our Police” message throughout the USA.  

We invite your participation in this grassroots movement to make a difference in support of law enforcement and crime prevention.

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